A few months ago I saw an article from one of my fellow bloggers on WordPress. It’s an article with the title ‘Christian holidays are soon banned in Europe’ (Dutch article). Everyone is allowed to form an opinion regarding the Islam, but I terribly regret the fact that these opinions are often based on inaccurate media coverage or other unreliable sources. There are people who hate the Islam. There are even friends of mine who dislike the Islam. I don’t understand how you can feel hate towards something you barely know. Many native Dutch don’t have any idea of the meaning of the Islam. This is probably the reason why so many people are afraid of it. This fear creates anger. Anger is an emotion which is easier to swallow than fear of the unknown. I think it’s a shame that there are people who live with hate in their hearts. Hate provokes humans. It ensures that they cannot think rationally. These people are dangerous. They will seize every opportunity to go on counter-attack, even if they are not attacked themselves. They want to stick to the Dutch culture while they probably not even have seen the Bible in real life. They guard something they do not even believe in. Why so hostile? I do believe in God. I am a Christian. There is no one on this planet who can take my faith in God away. Perhaps it is time that more people focus on belief (whatever this belief may be).

In my opinion the article I referred to is based on unreliable sources (such as PartyFlock). Even the title of this article is full of falsehood. It’s dangerous to do this in a country where some people are blinded by hatred towards the Islam. It’s dangerous to make statements like the title of this article. These people take everything for granted, even if the opposite is so often proved to be the truth. Freedom of religion is written by the constitution. This means that everyone has the right to practice belief within the limits of the Dutch law. Christmas is a source of income for the Dutch government. The government is smart enough to realize that it isn’t possible to ban Christmas. The Dutch people won’t even accept it. There are enough reasons (not that I have done real research) not to believe the things written by E.J. Bron.

For the future I hope we can live together as one. I hope we can live together peacefully. I hope that in the future it doesn’t matter anymore what your social background, the color of your skin, your religion or sexual preference is. I hope people learn to deal with the different cultures that exist within our society. I hope that people will respect each other. I hope my children grow up in a world where hatred is removed from the dictionary. I know it’s not really realistic, but hey, a little dreaming never harms. Does it?